Photo Guide

For the Picture (max 10MB in file size)

  1. Take a picture standing against any white or neutral color background (no textures or patterns).
  2. Wear contrasting clothing (if the background is white, wear dark color clothing).
  3. Keep your hair nice and neat (minimize "flyaways").
  4. Make sure the picture is chest up and includes your head, shoulders and upper body in the photo.
  5. Use a photo that you have taken in the past month.
  6. Make sure there are no shadows on your face or behind you - it's best to use natural sunlight.
  7. Stand 1-2 feet away from the background.
  8. The person taking the photo should stand about 5 feet away from you.
  9. Look straight into the camera.
  10. Neutral facial expressions - don't smile or frown.
  11. Keep your hair away from your eyes and face.
  12. Take your glasses off.
  13. No sunglasses.
  14. No headwear unless it's for religious or medical reasons.
  15. Don't crop or edit your photo - we will do it for you.

This will eliminate 99% of the bad photos we receive. The pictures below show photos that follow the guidelines and ones that don't.

For the Signature (max 10MB in file size):

  1. Provide a large signature on a white piece of paper.
  2. Use a black sharpie or pen.
  3. Scan the signature or take a picture of it with the flash off with good lighting.
  4. You can also use and an online signature pad like and download the image.