Payment Guide

We are currently accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zelle(10% fee), Apple Pay(10% fee), CashApp(10% fee)

Payment insturctions will be emailed you after you place an order.

What you'll need: phone, cash, phone number

1. Get a bitcoin wallet - We recommend downloading the Exodus wallet app to your smart phone. This wallet does not ask for any personal information.

2. Find a bitcoin ATM near you - Use to locate a bitcoin ATM near you. We recommend using a bitcoin ATM made by Coinflip because they do not require ID Verification when buying less than $900 in bitcoin. Coinflip ATMs also have a very low fee. You are free to use ATMs made by other companies but they may ask you to verify your identity by scanning an ID. If you use an ATM made by a company other than Coinflip, make sure to research if they ask to verify your identity.

3. Follow this tutorial on how to use a Coinflip ATM. Make sure you scan the QR code of your bitcoin wallet to receive the funds. Also make sure that you enter some extra money to make sure you have enough for payment after the bitcoin ATM fees. After a few minutes, your bitcoin wallet should update the balance.

4. Send the correct amount of bitcoin to the wallet address we provided in your payment insturctions.