Frequently Asked Questions

Becuase we're awesome! We are a word of mouth business, your most likely heard of us from a friend or other places. We are a reliable vendor you can trust, and we're determined to provide people with good condition novelty ids that scan!
First of all, if you have this problem, please remain calm and don't worry. It will normally take about 5 days to update the tracking number after you receive it. When you check the USPS tracking site and see that it states the status is "USPS Currently Awaiting Package" this means that is your item is in customs becuase we ship from outside of the US. When the status is "On Its Way To USPS" this means that it has arrived in the USA and is currently being shipped to your home. The last tracking location status update will state the approximate delivery time. Please pay attention to this update. When you receive your ID, please enjoy it :D"
Yes. Every ID will have ear shadows.
Yes. It is 2023, any novelty id from a reputable vendor will scan just fine. Please message us at if the id you recived does not scan and we will take care of it.
Tracking is provided your payment has been confirmed and the order has been shipped. Normally it takes 12-16 days to get to you from the time you order. If spring break is right around the corner and ID's are in high demand, it could take longer. After you get your tracking number, it is usually another 3-10 days before your receive your package.
Any of our PolyCards would be the best choice. The main rule to follow is to not get a novelty of the state you live in/go to school in. For those on a budget, we recommend Rhode Island or South Carolina for use on the East Coast and Arizon or Utah for use on the West Coast.
We are currently accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, CashApp (10% fee), Apple Pay (10% fee), Zelle (10% fee).
You will be able to pick your own ID address when your order by typing it in the address field. If you leave that section blank, we will chose a real address for you.
Yes, all IDs have the necessary security features.
All IDs are shipped using express shipping and stealth packaging.
About 2 weeks after placing the order. This isn't Amazon, be patient.
Your package is not actually in the US yet. It may take up to 10 days for the tracking to update. "Arived at USPS facility" means it made it through customs.
We use discrete stealth shipping methods.
One side should have a slight gap around the bottom panel and the sides. Use a dull butter knife or screwdriver to pry it open.
Yes, the campus workers are legally not allowed to open your mail; just like they can't search your dorm unannounced.
Please do not use a passport photo. IF AND ONLY IF you can get a digital copy directly from the place that took it should you consider it.
Use the front facing camera on your phone and stand 4 feet away from a solid colored background. Make sure there are no open windows and there are no shadows on your face. The most important park of the photo is the even lighting on your face. Use the flash.
We recommend using your real name.
It is a security feature that helps to protect the license from being counterfeited. It is a changeable laser image feature that enables two or more images to occupy the same area. When you tilt the license, the lens reflects light in a certain pattern, showing a certain image. This feature is extremly hard to replicate and most vendors don't even atempt to replicate it. We are proud to say that we have mastered replicating the lens as of late 2022 for our PolyCard IDs.